When Dry Cough Has Been Persistent For A Long Period, It May Cause The Lungs To Produce More Phlegm.

Echinacea is an important ayurvedic medicine used to treat all kinds of flu, and its use can also prove beneficial in the prevention oriental medicine of this infection. Furthermore, overdose may cause headache, high blood pressure, and heart problems. The gentian root is beneficial in treating digestion problems, strengthening immunity, and acts as a natural remedy to treat many other ailments and diseases. Bacterial infection, and gum diseases could also occur due to poor oral hygiene. One must, on an average, consume 600 mg per day. Loaded with meats or seafood, herbs, and veggies, all you need along with it is some rice, and your good to go! Herbal remedies to clear blocked arteries are considered safest, as they do not have any side effects. Vitamin C is also effective for converting cholesterol into bile, apart from boosting the overall immunity of the body. Menthol, a key compound present in peppermint oil, helps clear the respiratory tract. You may add some spices like cardamom, cloves or even strips of orange peel. Some such treatments are discussed below in further detail. When dry cough has been persistent for a long period, it may cause the lungs to produce more phlegm.

Viruses that cause influenza and flu, as well as bacteria such as Mycoplasma pneumonia, are known to cause this condition. Seek his opinion, before starting any herbal treatment. It contains an active ingredient called forskolin, which stimulates an enzyme called adenylate cyclase. It helps in soothing and calming the throat, which in turn helps in treating dry cough symptoms.

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